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Welcome to the Grassick Network

Welcome to, the web presence of the Grassicks of Abernethy & Kincardine/Edinburgh. The Grassick wing of my geneology is the main focus of my research at present.

But my roots are much more widely spread than just in the paternal line. This family lives in the European diaspora from Scotland to Provence. My mother, Paulette Abecassis, is from a Jewish north African family. My father, Henry Hay Grassick, was born to parents who were first cousins via the maternal grandparents – the Bowies of Linlithgow. And my wife Beatrix is German.

The Second World War brought us all into existence. Poignantly, my father landed in Algiers in November 1942 as a member of Operation Torch, the action that probably saved my mother from the Nazi machine for which my wife’s father was fighting.

This site explores and celebrates the diversity of my family, and considers some of the strange questions of identity that a history of rootlessness can produce.

My Grassick Ancestry

My Scottish ancestry is dominated by the fact that my paternal grand-parents were first cousins. James Duncan Grassick, born in Edinburgh in 1894, was the son of Isabella Bowie, who had married my great grand-father James Duncan (these two forenames…